Last minute Alisa’s Live happening at R.G.B. Tokyo!
 5-18-7 UenoTaitoh-ku Tokyo(東京都台東区上野5丁目18-7)
 On this Saturday, the 23rd of FEB.
 Name of the Event: Sparkle
 Doors Open 20:00
 On Stage 25:00

(Official Music Video)
"For Shirlz"
(Official Music Video)
(Official Music Video)
"For Shirlz"
(Official Music Video)
(Official Music Video)
"For Shirlz"
(Official Music Video)
Photo by Kiyotaka Saito
Photo by Kiyotaka Saito
Photo by Kiyotaka Saito
A serendipitous encounter has seen Alisa, a young Melbourne University Arts student,
make a stunning debut into the world of Japanese entertainment.

Born in England on September 28, 1998, Alisa spent her childhood between the UK, Japan
and Australia.
Although singing, dancing and acting on school and community stages
in and around her home town was part of everyday living,
Alisa’s recent adventures into the
world of writing lyrics and
melodies came about somewhat unexpectedly.

An off-handed comment over dinner by leading Japanese film
director Yukihiko Tsutsumi
inspired Alisa to try writing her first ever song at the age of 18.
Fast-forward 6 months and Alisa’s talent
in song-writing and singing was highly acclaimed
when her
song “walls,” which was chosen to be the theme song for the much-
anticipated SICK’s drama series, commenced streaming online
in Japan in April 2018.

The freedom of song-writing ignited a passion that was previously
unknown to Alisa, unleashing her abundant creativity.

“I experiment in writing songs and singing them for fun."
Currently navigating her way between life as a regular university
student and an emerging singer-songwriting artist,
Alisa has cast her sights on capturing the attention of the music markets of the UK, Japan and Australia.

Her life mission is to always see the world with wonder,
and to continue being inspired
by the essence of living.
She aspires to appreciate the happy and fun times,

as well as to ‘dance in the rain’ when things don’t go quite as
Alisa would also like to extend her thanks for reading
thus far, and hopes that you have a delightfully superb day.


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